Thursday, February 28, 2013

Little Things Make a Big Difference

People Think My Friend Is A Magician!!!!

I Always Find Odd Songs In My Ipod!!!!

Brother chats with his Sister’s new Bf

An Interesting Request

Mistake By His Father

A Very Easy Way to Get Rid Of Boring Days

Teachers Always Ignore My Brilliant Mind!!!!!

I Must Understand The Gangnam Style

I Always Found Million Errors In My Essays

Why Dad Suggest Me To Smell That Food

I Always Backup Before Saying Sorry

My Friends Always Troll Me In Race!!!

How to Breakup With a Guy

How to Lie to Your Mom

How to Ask Out Someone You Have a Crush On

How to Talk to Old People

How to Tell if Youre Going Out with a Boy and Not a Man

How to Tell if its Over

How to Make a Good First Impression

Real Life Troll Dad

How to Tell if Someone Likes You..

How to Tell if Your Brother Loves You

How is Bread Made?

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Daughter

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Wrong Family

I Love The Smell Of Brand New Books

I Always Need Silence During My Work

Really Stupid Guy

I Can't Stop Laughing Because This One Cracked Me Up

My Present to you on your 18th Birthday

We Are Always Ready For Fun

I Always Ignore Some Important Points

You're out of your mind

OMG, The Worst Girlfriend Ever

How Sleeping Habits Change By the Change Of Education Level

Its Complicated On FB‎

How People Explain What Mathematical Logic is All About

Oh Well Its Pretty Late Now

Finally Found Out What People Are So Crazy About... Gangnam Style

Its Reality, I Don't Have A Boyfriend

Dumb Girls Calls Everything They Can't Find

Its Ok My Son, Just Remember One Thing

Why The Bottles Are Over Filled With Gas! Especially COKE

Things to Make Your Relationship Better

Why MOM is Cleaning the House For The Cleaner

Now That's One of The Bad Girlfriends

It's Time to Dump Your Boyfriend

MOM is So Smart That She Cannot Even Use Her Own Computer

Teacher Has Gone Dumb Over The Period Of Time